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Sue St.Martin, RDN


Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

Licensed Dietitian

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As a licensed and registered dietitian-nutritionist I acknowledge the dynamic relationship you have with food. I couple my passion for improving this relationship with keen clinical skills to collaboratively address your unique nutritional needs.  Food is not just fuel for is also about...connection, creativity, and community; celebration, self-expression, self-love; passion, experimentation and play.

I provide supportive, nonjudgmental, trauma-sensitive treatment, guiding your nutritional discovery or recovery.  I respect the need for tools not rules in establishing a sustainable relationship with food.  Clinical experience in an outpatient eating disorder treatment center and time working with folks with ADHD provide cornerstones in my private practice to tailor effective 1:1 support. My practice offers non-weight centric, Health at Every Size®  and Intuitive Eating informed approaches with the understanding that you are primed to be the expert on your body.

I center client-care on compassionate, inclusive, nutrition counseling and therapy for teens and adults. I specialize in helping folks navigate: ADHD, eating disorders, disordered eating, fueling for movement and sports, managing a new or chronic nutritional issues, food curiosity, and simplifying their food environment. I value collaboration with other healthcare providers and believe in the power of informed care built on active listening, trust, effective communication and authenticity.

I'm grateful to work on the NH Seacoast and serve in the community where I raised my children.  I currently see patients virtually via a secure and HIPAA compliant platform or in person in Exeter, NH. I recognize ongoing issues of food access, culture, messaging and systems that impact population health and connectivity. I appreciate the opportunity to learn from my clients and lean into collective challenges of treatment, representation and advocacy.  

If you would like to know more or schedule time with me, please join me on a no cost discovery call or reach out via email.  

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Want to understand your body or relationship with food?  Let's look into what role nutrition plays in your life and begin to heal any history of shame, guilt, comparison or judgement.


Motivated but want to be celebrated - with accountability and tailored support? Let's connect intention to action at your pace and comfort level.


Overwhelmed or anxious with accessing, planning, or prepping meals? Let's identify and design a food and nutrition environment that serves you.


Have a new nutrition related issue or  condition you need to manage? Let's de-mystify lab numbers and treatment plans, map out next steps, organize support, and keep moving forward.


Want to develop basic food and culinary skills for life? Let's mix it up to master: comfort in the kitchen, recipe reading, go-to dishes, satisfying the sweetest tooth, or getting a green thumb.


Distracted, disappointed and confused by the noise of diet culture, sketchy supplement advice, and expensive empty promises? Let's review the research and cultivate reliable resources to reclaim your worth (and wallet) as an informed consumer.

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What is a Registered Dietitian?

Registered dietitians earn their credentials by meeting rigorous educational and professional standards of practice. With a minimum of a bachelors degree in nutrition that encompasses nutritional sciences, behavioral health and food studies, dietitians go on to complete 1200+ hours in applied field experience and sit for a national exam.  Mandatory continuing education and professional development help keep dietitians up to date on research and resources that impact individuals across all ages and abilities.

How can I start working with you?

Have you got 20 minutes? Let's talk and discover how it might be a fit to spend some together.

How should I prepare for my initial consultation?

Following our discovery call I will share necessary links and guidance via email prior to your first visit. Establish care with me via my user friendly HIPAA compliant patient portal.

What forms of payment do you accept?

I accept various forms of payment at time of service unless otherwise arranged.  Acceptable forms include: cash, credit card, check, flexible/health savings account and UnitedHealthcare.  Services may be covered in part by your health insurance. If I'm an out-of-network service, I provide super-bills for you to submit.  I also offer discount package rates and "pay what you can" terms.

Can you collaborate with my other providers?

Yes please!  Maximize the benefits of all your care providers and connect us to help you best!

Are you available for workshops or group support?

When 1:1 care is not a fit I look forward to providing and exchanging education and support to small groups of individuals or interested providers.

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Sue is great! She is real person- extremely relatable and I was comfortable right away talking to her about my nutrition issues. She is passionate about her work and talks in terms I understand!

Tammy M.

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Sue St.Martin RDN LD
FIG Nutrition LLC
19 Hampton Road   Suite 4
Exeter, New Hampshire 03833


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